Сергей Колесов. Обо Мне.

Sergey Kolesov is a professional in solving bodily and psychological problems

People contact him with the following questions:

• Improving the quality of life
• Resolution of complex emotional states, internal disagreements
• Improving the functioning of internal organs and the musculoskeletal system
• Aesthetic modeling of the face and body
• Correction of the health status of pregnant women and newborns

He conduct face-to-face visits and teach healing techniques according to the author’s methodology, which is based on the principles of shamanism, osteopathy and gentle healing techniques.

Experience in the field of wellness since 2008.

Briefly about the path

• Studied at the Institute of Professional Massage, specializing in medical massage
• Studied Old Slavonic massage of internal organs according to the method of V.Yu. Tarasov.
• Training in visceral therapy at the clinic Ogulov A.T.
• Teaching the correction of spinal dysfunctions according to the Tolstonosov method
• Studied the principles of healing and shamanism in various traditions
• Underwent training, then taught on the project «Osteopraktika» with Alexander Smirnov, assisted at seminars with Yu.V. Chikurova
• Completed medical specialization at the RUDN University
• Reiki Master in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition
• Completed the course of Ayurvedic Medicine with B.V. Ragozin
• Tarot practitioner
• Member of the Association of Visceral Therapists
• Member of the register of professionals in osteopathy and osteopathy
• Member of the Russian Association of Traditional Medicine
• Professional Human Design Analyst (IHDS)
Student of the International School of Human Design (IHDS)

• Seminars on body-oriented practices and correction of psychosomatic diseases in Russia and Europe.

Diplomas und certificates

Записаться на приём и задать все интересующие Вас вопросы вы можете по телефону +79151893079
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